Assisted Living in Kenyon

Elderly couple looking at the ocean

No two people are alike, and this is why at Gunderson Gardens Apartments & Rose Wing, our assisted living options are designed around the concept of choice. You choose the type of accommodations and array of services that fit your needs.We offer 15 Apartments, comprised of both 1 & 2 bedrooms, as well as 11 simplified units in the Rose Wing. The monthly rent includes: a noon meal for those in the apartments and 3 meals a day for those in the Rose Wing, along with heat, air conditioning, water and sewer, garbage and recycling, use of laundry facilities, resident computer and internet access, TV and cable, use and access to the facility library, activity rooms, and garden spaces. Gunderson Gardens is attached to the Kenyon Sunset Home and Mayo Clinic Health System – Kenyon office.

127 Gunderson Blvd  •  Kenyon MN 55946  •    507-789-6134  •   Fax: (507) 789-8843
Kenyon Senior Living is an equal opportunity provider and employer.